Every inspection system goes through his hands

By October 14, 2019 Insight IMD

Insight IMD

Every inspection system goes through his hands

Giuseppe Cipressi has been production manager at IMD for 10 years, manages 12 employees and ensures that the production process runs smoothly and that customer-specific systems can be delivered on time.

"I am delighted that we have recently been able to put a new production facility into operation, thereby increasing our productivity and massively shortening delivery times.

In his private life, he likes to let the wind blow around his nose, fights for victory in tennis matches and comes to rest in gardening.

  • Giuseppe Cipressi, Production Manager
  • With IMD since 2009
  • Electrician, switchgear fitter
  • Leisure time: family, motorcycling, tennis, gardening

Everything begins with the receipt of the order – then it runs smoothly

As soon as Giuseppe Cipressi receives the work orders in production, he and his team get started. Set up the material and start assembly. As soon as the individual components are fully assembled, they are handed over to the acceptance technician and finally accepted by the project management. The finished system is packed according to specifications, the export documents are prepared and the transport is organized. Of course, not everything always runs so smoothly. It becomes challenging, for example, when suppliers deliver too late or when special customer requirements have to be taken into account or new developments are due. But these are precisely the challenges that Giuseppe Cipressi loves so much about his job.

A lively business, that’s just the thing

Giuseppe Cipressi is completely in his element when a lot is going on. He appreciates the cooperation with the project management, design, development and export departments. Despite its growth, IMD has remained essentially a family. «I really appreciate the fact that IMD gives me the freedom to make my own decisions. I wanted to lead a team early on and work with my employees to find the optimal solution during the work process. In addition, that is exactly what this job ideally allows me to do. », says Giuseppe Cipressi.

He holds his nose in the airstream or fights with the racket for victory

Motorcycling, playing tennis or turning the garden into a little paradise. There’s always a lot going on privately, too. He particularly appreciates the feeling of freedom when riding a motorbike, while playing tennis is all about fighting for victory alone for once, and gardening brings him back to peace. But the most important thing for him is that his family is doing well. But he is also committed to a residential cooperative in Lyss. He is a member of the board as head of construction and responsible for conversions and refurbishments.