Bottle Inspection Systems

IMDvista – Bottle Inspection Systems

Inline system solution integrated into customers production line. Flexibility and ease of operation are the most outstanding features. We did choose a very robust construction. One button only, easy teach-in function is one of the key feature.

In Partnership with ALPS Leak Testing Systems we can offer a unique total bottle inspection solution.

IMDvista BOCO – Bottle Inspection System

The fully integrated and operational inspection system can inspect a great variety of bottles formats with a single set-up. A smart software – based on self-learn functions (AI) – makes the system easy to use for operators.

Key Facts
  • Simple and robust mechanical setup
  • Easily integrated into your production line
  • Self learn function (no special vision technology knowledge necessary)
  • Color cameras only
  • No additional floor space required
  • SSD cards technology (no hard drive)

IMDvista Bottle Inspection Products

The Best Materials. State of the art technology, clear Design – Made in Switzerland.


IMDvista BOCO – Bottle Inspection System

Bottle Vision Inspection

IMDvista BOCO OEM – Total Bottle Vision Inspection

Vision Control Center V5

IMDvista V5 VCC – Vision Control Center

IMDvista Portal

IMDvista Portal – Network Solution


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