Bottle Inspection Systems

IMDvista – Bottle Inspection Systems

Inline system solution integrated into customers production line. Flexibility and ease of operation are the most outstanding features. We did choose a very robust construction. One button only, easy teach-in function is one of the key feature.

In Partnership with ALPS Leak Testing Systems we can offer a unique total bottle inspection solution.

IMDvista BOCO – Bottle Inspection System

The fully integrated and operational inspection system can inspect a great variety of bottles formats with a single set-up. A smart software – based on self-learn functions (AI) – makes the system easy to use for operators.

Key Facts
  • Simple and robust mechanical setup
  • Easily integrated into your production line
  • Self learn function (no special vision technology knowledge necessary)
  • Color cameras only
  • No additional floor space required
  • SSD cards technology (no hard drive)

IMDvista for ALPS TBIS – Total Bottle Inspection Solution

Integrated into ALPS leak test machines we can offer you an unique total bottle inspection system.
By integrating both leak testing and visual inspection methods into one machine, the new total bottle inspection solution provides a range of quality-control checks.

The combined, linear system can be integrated directly into the production line and enables containers that pass the set criteria to continue down the conveyor, while defective bottles will be rejected into a separate chute.

Key Facts
  • Flexible and detection of leaks
  • Contaminations of any kind
  • Cosmetic defect
  • Measurement like ovality etc.
  • Or other material issues

Product Video

IMDvista for ALPS TBIS – Total Bottle Inspection Solution

IMDvista Bottle Inspection Products

The Best Materials. State of the art technology, clear Design – Made in Switzerland.


IMDvista BOCO – Bottle Inspection System

Bottle Vision Inspection

IMDvista BOCO OEM – Total Bottle Vision Inspection

Vision Control Center V5

IMDvista V5 VCC – Vision Control Center

IMDvista Portal

IMDvista PORTAL – Network Solution


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