Barrier Inspection Systems

IMDvista – Barrier Inspection Systems

Imagine if your handling system does not stop to take a picture – This is exactly how our IMDvista BTIR operates!
This is the kind of quality control that costumers require these days. IMDvista contributes a complete range of products for barrier layers inspection, inline and offline.

Learn more about our barrier inspection below.

IMDvista BTIR OL – Offline System for sampling inspection

Barrier inspection - Lab (OFF-line) system

This system is ideal for off-line testing to examine while prototyping or sampling from a production quickly and easily. Because of the direct feedback on the quality of the barrier layer, the optimization of the process is extremely efficient. With its flexible mounting, parts of all kinds can clamp and checked quickly and easily. The system is very compact, therefore it is mobile and flexible as well.

Key Facts
  • Part sizes up to 200mm
  • All in one housing 1103x770x766mm (Electrical cabinet, ethernet connection, Screen, etc.)
  • Included part holder for cups and bottles

IMDvista BTIX – Barrier Testing (pat. pending)

Closure Barrier Inspection


Fully integrated system solution into a complete closure down stream line.

Key Facts
  • High speed application with conveyor integrated in an
    IMDvista complete system solution
  • Including handling, control cabinet, ethernet, PLC, screen, blowout etc.

IMDvista BTIR OEM– OEM System Solution

Barrier Inspection - IN-Line System Solution

Barrier Vision Inspection

Fully integrated system solution into a complete external handling solution. Easy integration in existing or new equipment. Complete package (software, signals, rejection, statistics, etc.).

Key Facts
  • 100% Inline testing in the flow of the process –> No need to stop under camera!
  • Possible speed up to 1’000 parts per minute (depending the application)
  • Barrier layers become visible (for example EVOH)
  • Can read cavity numbers, etc.
  • Combination with daylight cameras (all IMDvista packages available)

IMDvista Barrier Inspection Products

The Best Materials. State of the art technology, clear Design – Made in Switzerland.


IMDvista BTIX – Closure Barrier Inspection

Vision Control Center V5

IMDvista V5 VCC – Vision Control Center

IMDvista Portal

IMDvista PORTAL – Network Solution

Barrier Vision Inspection

IMDvista BTIR IL – IN-Line Barrier Vision Inspection System

IMDvista BTIR OL – OFF-Line Barrier Inspection


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